Looking for a new direction in these uncertain times?

Are you seeking more complete information about your life, but you’re not finding it in traditional astrology?

Or maybe you don’t believe in astrology at all. It doesn’t seem like it’s ever worked for you.

Consider exploring True Sidereal Astrology.

This system is based on the actual size of the constellations that planets move through, and it can offer a more detailed you an individual perspective on where you come from, where you are, and where you’re going than traditional (or “tropical”) astrology.

Tropical astrology has been in place for several thousand years, and it is based on the division of the cosmos into 12 even slices of 30 degrees each. While it can be satisfying to carve up the universe so predictably, it’s not that realistic. What’s becoming very clear in these truly challenging times, is that such simple approaches don’t meet our modern needs. They can’t always provide the full depth and breadth of insight and information that we require to live, work interact effectively in these dynamically changing times.

True Sidereal Astrology, on the other hand, can provide a much more individual perspective of things. It actually looks at where all of your planets have been in which specific signs.

Additionally, a progressed True Sidereal reading can show you how the patterns of your life have unfolded over the years.

This approach has only recently become available as complex computer apps have been created to let us work with the True Sidereal approach.

Using the proper tools, with the proper data, and with a focus on looking at patterns and themes and energies at work over the course of your life, a progressed True Sidereal reading can provide some pretty amazing answers. It can show you what was going on before in your life, why things may have happened at certain times, as well as what sort of patterns may be emerging over the course of the coming years.

You actually are on the right path

Are you feeling like you’re making decisions in a vacuum…? Like you have a strong sense that you should do or think or act in a certain way, but there doesn’t seem to be any obvious reason why?

Are you responsible for making Big Decisions that impact other people, and you rely on your gut… and it’s been working out for the most part… but you still have this nagging feeling that maybe you’re missing something.

Do certain choices and actions seem so clear to you, but you don’t understand why… and you can’t explain it to others… You just know?

When it comes to figuring out what steps to take, a lot of us like to have good data. Who doesn’t? You want to base your decisions on reality and decent decision points.

But you can’t always get access to complete information, given the circumstances.

Much remains hidden. Especially when you’re choosing a path to take.

Now, there is a way to figure out what path you’re on. It’s a system for finding meaning in the world that fell out of fashion several thousand years ago, and is only in occasional use by certain people who found out about it – often totally by accident. It’s a system that can show you, in striking detail and insight, where you are along your path, where you’ve come from… even where you’re going.

It’s personal. It’s specific to you. It’s all about the unfolding patterns in your life, and it can confirm your suspicions about things you’ve experienced, as well as what you’re experiencing right now.

The system is True Sidereal Astrology, and when you combine it with a progressed reading, you can gain a retrospective appreciation of where you come from, what kinds of themes and energies were active in your life, as well as what kinds of energetic and thematic opportunities are available to you in the future.

I’ve done many readings for clients who have marveled – and been relieved – to see that the things they experienced in their past were actually in alignment with the overall energies and themes at work in their lives. It sometimes put their minds at rest, knowing that things that took place weren’t all their fault, but were part of an unfolding pattern that was revealing itself over time. 


So, how did I get here? And where am I going?

woman standing in front of sunsetOne of the great things about progressed charts, is that they show you how your experience has shaped you over time.

You can literally see that you’ve spent the last 10 years dealing with a certain kind of energy or dynamic, which may have conditioned you to think and feel in certain ways… and then you can see how your current circumstances (energies, themes) are very different indeed.

So you need to shift your focus.

It can be absolutely uncanny to see how that shift can take place, and to learn to see yourself and your interests in a whole new light.

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with you – you’re just inclined towards a different kind of perspective than you were, maybe just a few years back.

Knowing about that, being able to adapt and change in response… that gives you an edge. 

Sometimes it can make all the difference.

Why “True North”?

Life is complicated. Stuff is hard. Every day, we make decisions – some of them harder than others. And every time we make decisions, we have to ask ourselves, “Did I make the right one?”

We don’t always have a strong sense that what we’re doing is the right thing. Whether the direction we’re taking will point us in the direction we really want to go. There are always pros and cons, there are always upsides and downsides.

To make the kinds of decisions that matter, each and every day, we need quality data. We need actual facts. And if we rely on astrology to guide our way, we need to have the most accurate data about ourselves in our current (and past) situations. We also need to have a reliable view of where it’s all leading us, and what experiences, strengths, and character traits we can carry with us into our evolving future.

I’ve been studying Western esoteric traditions for over 30 years, including mythology, symbolism, numerology, tarot, and astrology… and more. They all weave together for me in a system of thought and belief that shares common symbology that cuts across all the disciplines, be they tarot cards, runes, dice, playing cards, astrological symbols, or alchemical references. Each has its strengths and potential, and if you look beneath the surface, you find the common threads that connect them all, whatever their external “delivery mechanism”.

Of all the different paths, astrology always gave me the most trouble. I just couldn’t square a lot of what I read (and was told) with what I clearly observed in the world around me. Supposedly, my family is a bunch of Tauruses. But they all act like a bunch of Aries. Supposedly, I was a Gemini. But I was “really grounded” compared to other Geminis that people knew. I just couldn’t resolve all that cognitive dissonance, especially when it came to newspaper astrologers or even the ultra-popular astrologers with thousands, even millions, of devoted followers. So, I left if alone. Mostly. I dipped in, here and there, over the years, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had less and less tolerance for the disconnects.

And then – somehow, some way, not sure how – I came across True Sidereal Astrology. Athen Chimenti and his YouTube channel. Isaac Rodriguez and his work. Michael at OneSky Astrology. Jerry D and his YouTube videos. The odd website here and there about sidereal astrology (and yes, there’s a difference between sidereal and true sidereal, which I won’t get into right now). There wasn’t much information, but what there was – and the steady stream of daily / weekly updates and discussion, were more than enough to turn me in that direction, once and for all.

At last. Something I could actually use. And rely on. Something that provided the kind of personally accurate insights, explanation, and guidance, that was truly applicable in my life. 

And everything changed. 

It changed even more, when I was introduced to the concept of the progressed chart (thanks Athen, for the tip!) All of a sudden, I could actually see a clear explanation of why I had struggled with certain things in my past. Or why some things all of a sudden came much easier to me than before. I could see how my personal experience of the times had altered, based on the progressing planets, and I could see how it had impacted my own life. Suddenly, everything made sense.

Because I’d found my True North in progressed true sidereal astrology.

It really is impossible to overstate just how much it’s changed my life, my direction, my inclinations, and my choices in where I put my energy. Not only has it explained a whole lot about my past that used to bog me down, but it also allowed me to just let that sh*t go, because it was so clearly over and done with. When your progressed Sun moves not only from one sign to another, but from one house to another, you know it’s time to allow a shift to happen.

And that’s precisely what I’ve done. I’ve allowed the shifts that were already happening to just do their thing. Before, I’d been fighting them, resisting them, failing to understand them… utterly clueless as to how they were unfolding, and what that really meant. But now that I know exactly how my current state actually came to be, and I understand the dynamics that gave rise to it, I can simply get on with my life, using the “winds of change” to move me forward, instead of constantly trying to fight against them or try to get them to blow in a different direction.

The difference this has made is phenomenal. And I’m on a mission to share this new way of understanding with those who are looking for greater clarity in their stars. Even if you aren’t “into astrology”, or you’re way skeptical of whether it “works” or not, if you take a look at your progressed chart, it might just explain a few things. And you might just find that you actually are into astrology, after all — an astrology that actually works.

An astrology that can point you to your True North.

What do you look for in an astrological chart or reading?

tree-lined path viewed through magnifying glassSome people look for signs of danger. Some look for opportunity. Some look for love. Some are on the watch for enemies. Some look for money. Others look for career indicators.

I tend to watch for all of them – or rather, I look for the “seeds” or underpinnings of them in a true sidereal (constellational) chart.

I also look at the kinds of experiences a person has had, from the time of their birth, leading up to the present. If someone was born in one sign and house, but their sun and other planets have progressed through other signs and houses along the way, then they’re just not going to be the person “templated” by their natal chart. 

They’re going to have a whole bunch of different experiences and developed tastes, triggers, interests, fears, sensitivities, etc. that could only have arisen as a result of their progression through the zodiac in their own individual way.

How can you expect to fully grasp the real potential (and pitfalls) of an astrological chart/reading, if you’re not looking at what signs they are really, truly in – and have experienced over the years? I don’t think you can. At least, I can’t.

But if you understand precisely where the person is coming from, a whole new world. When you approach their lifelong context genuinely and inclusively, with the true locations of their planets in the signs, it really sheds a laser light on their situation. And when you add an understanding of what kinds of events and contributing conditions have shaped them over the years, you get a whole different set of insights into who they are, what they’re about, and what they have working for/against them in this lifetime.

For me, that’s what doing an astrological reading is all about — to uncover the hidden strengths and challenges that people are working with. Life is hard. Sh*t is difficult. We need every advantage we can get, and doing a progressed true sidereal reading can offer a tremendous amount of insight and reassurance to folks on their path of life.

We are all seeking something. We’re all searching for meaning. And whether we believe we created our own meaning, or we find it in divine provision, getting some insights into the hidden dimensions of our lives can certainly help.

What do you look for in an astrological reading?

I look for everything. And I dig for the clues about what makes that everything possible.

Venus Retrograde in Taurus in the 6th House of the USA – an emotionally deprived hot mess, for sure

Here’s a quick (15 minute) take on “WTH, America?!” looking at true sidereal factors in why we’re in the current state we are. Lightworkers and healers take note – everybody’s feeling super deprived and unloved through the end of this month.


Bitcoin Breakout on 5-28-2020?

Out of curiosity, I took a look at the true sidereal progressed chart of Bitcoin for this week. This is what I found.


Okay, I’m looking at Bitcoin for this week. And I’m wondering if this might not be a week when it pulls away or breaks out, in some sense.

What we’re looking at here is a true sidereal 13 sign birth chart or chart for transits and also progression of Bitcoin it shows where bitcoins planets have progressed over the course of its existence since 2009, when it was first started. And also looking at the transits that are taking place on a moment by moment, day by day basis.

Progressions show how Bitcoin dynamics change over time, because everything doesn’t stay exactly the same. And then also we’re looking at the different sizes, constellations because they are different sizes Pisces, and Leo and Virgo are all much much larger than a few kids and Scorpio and Libra and say what you will do what you want with this information.

You don’t have to agree with me but I’m just going to put this out here because I’m seeing some interesting things that might be of interest to people.

So let’s take a look at where we are right now.

In terms of in terms of progression, so progressed Mars is conjunct the Natal sun so that’s activating in a bit in Sagittarius. Also we’ve got the transits with these Saturn and Jupiter and Pluto are all retrograde right now in Capricorn for Saturn Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is always interesting. And then for Jupiter Jupiter being retrograde in Sagittarius.

That’s kind of it’s it’s interesting times we’re living in.

But in terms of other things, you see that the progress Jupiter has gone into Capricorn so much more structured much more, I would say a much more kind of grounded approach, versus the Sagittarius and then we’ve got Mercury Retrograde also progressed Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn.

Now, in terms of the transits, we can see that the transiting sun is in the 10th house in, in Taurus. You know… that Taurean, that slow, plodding kind of, you know, steadiness, it doesn’t lend itself to a lot of a lot of precipitous activity. It’s very steady, also very self contained, very self sufficient. And that’s in the 10th house, which is about your calling, your vocation, your career, your ambitions. All of that so it’s more steady.

Now watch what happens as we move along because watch what happens to mercury as well as the moon, as well as the ascendant and right now Mercury is in Taurus in the 11th house, so very community oriented, very group-oriented. But in Taurus it’s that slow plodding and mercury in Taurus. You know, they they kind of are at cross purposes just a little bit.

Now the moon being in Gemini in the 11th house, you know, watch what happens when it goes into the 12th house.

12th house is about pulling back. It’s about reassessing. It’s about being more hidden. And it’s also about dealing with hidden enemies and and reassessing things and kind of taking a break from the rest of the world for a little while until you come around to the first house. Also, the ascendant right now is in the 12th.

So I would expect that, I mean, things, you know, how it expresses itself out in the world, how other people see it, how other people see Bitcoin, it’s, you know, it’s in the 12th, and it’s in Cancer. So this is a very kind of inwardly turning protective, kind of, I’m going to protect myself against everybody else kind of vibe to it.

So watch what happens as we move along.

We see the ascendant doesn’t take long to get out of that.

And watch as we move along and watch the march Mercury, as well as the moon.

The moon is now headed, it’s in Gemini, but it’s in the 12th house, so it’s kind of pulling back a little bit.

And in terms of the other activity we’ve got mercury still in Taurus, still in Taurus, still in Taurus, so I would expect that for for the next day or so.

We’re going to have a fairly understated or kind of muted understanding of Bitcoin and it’s exciting In the world, Now watch what happens on the 27th going into the 28th. On the 28th, in the wee hours of the morning, the moon is going, the moon is going into the first house, which is coming out of the shadows and coming into your room.

The thing of it is we’ve still got we’ve still got mercury up here in Taurus there, as time goes on. We’re going to see it go into later in the day run midday. Moon is going to be headed in the first house into Leo.

And also we’re going to have mercury conjunct the north node here and north node is your destiny, what you’re going towards what you’re oriented to in this lifetime. What you’re what you’re working towards we kind of your karmic destiny.

So our midday tomorrow, I think that I predict that we’re going to see things break out a little bit and see the We’ve also got the ascendant in Leo. And that is all moving forward.

We still have Venus in retrograde in Taurus. And that’s a problem everybody has right now everybody’s feeling a little deprived right now not feeling a whole lot of love.

But as we move forward this week, we’ll see the moon going through Leo, in the first house, and then around Saturday ish timeframe, it’s going to go into the second house, and the ascendant is going to come around. We’ve still got mercury in the 11th house in Gemini, and it likes mercury likes Gemini a lot that that’s kind of where it’s at. And, in fact, if we look back on the 29th, I believe that’s Friday.

We’re going to see I think we’re going to see a bunch of a bunch of activity here because the midheaven and, and Mercury are going to be right there in Gemini at the beginning of Gemini.

So I think that, you know, Thursday timeframe we’re going to see a bunch of stuff happen now the thing of it is the ascendant is in the second house House of values House of money House of how you make your money. That’s in Virgo. So it’s it’s more of a Virgo stone mutable, but it’s less of an exuberance there and it’s more diligent, more focused on you know, buckling down doing what needs to be done, um, not so much as Capricorn, but still.

And then as we move forward into the into the rest of the week, we are going to see the moon moving from Leo into sidereal Virgo, and that’s the transit. So at the same time, we’ve got this going on here we’ve got the 11th house. And I believe that over the coming weeks and months, we’re going to see more of a kind of a withdrawal of that, especially as mercury moves into the 12th house. And over time, I would say that when you’re in cancer and you’re in the 12th house, that’s a very bad, like retiring kind of vibe that goes along with it.

So if you’re looking at Bitcoin, if you’re looking about what to do, this might be a great time to sell because everybody’s active, everybody’s gonna be like, whoo, bitcoins, big, big, big, and then watch for the times when it goes into the downturn and downswing in a little bit, especially as it comes into this space because this 12th house in cancer is very, it’s, I speak from personal experience. It’s a very retiring very hidden very kind of world renowned bouncing sort of vibe.

So that’s what that’s what I see happening this week for Bitcoin and maybe there’ll be a little bit of a breakout and a little flurry of activity here.

Time will tell.